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Development Services
Web Development Services

Canada Ecommerce Hosting consists of a team of experienced developers who can create anything from full fledged custom management softwares to complex web applications. All of this is accomplished by using powerful languages.

Java Script
Flash Action Script

MS Access

Website Designing Services
Web Site Designing Services

Canada Ecommerce Hosting offers custom web design and development solutions.

The Internet is primarily a visual medium and the proper use of colors and space are important to the success of your website.

  • Custom web application development
  • Custom site layout design
  • Security consulting
  • Flash design and Flash development
  • Interactive web based presentations
  • Content management system
  • Database management
  • Social Network Engine (websites like Facebook, Orkut, Yelp, Hi5, etc.)

Consulting Services
Consulting Services

Canada Ecommerce Hosting specializes in front and back end web design & development services. We use the latest technologies to present our services. Having said that it is website consulting that determines the most beneficial solution for all aspects of your business needs.

Whether you require an upgrade to your existing website or creating a brand new website, Canada Ecommerce Hosting can provide you with the strategy, insight and a custom-state-of-art solution that can give you an advantage over the competition; as well as helping you grow and become more diversified by using the leveraging power of the internet.

Website Maintenance Services
Web Site Maintenance Services

Maintaining a successful website requires updating your sites (such as adding new content, adding new images, changing the design, etc) on a regular basis. However you're worried about the time it takes to build, maintain, and keep it current. On top of that, you're also worried about being taken for a ride by some web designer that's going to spout technical jargon at you.

We want you to know what's going on with your website and that when you send us a maintenance change, it gets done.

We can maintain your existing website for you (since you probably have better things to do than learn html and other languages), we can upgrade your website to a fully dynamic database driven site, or make it into a shopping cart; or basically do anything you want to your site.

And we'll do it at an extremely low price. The rate is $45/hour. Yes, that's a lot less than other web design, development or maintenance companies charge, but we think its a fair price.

Want to find out more, contact us and see how we can help you improve and grow.

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