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Ecommerce / Shopping Cart Solutions

Ecommerce Web Hosting / Shopping Cart Solutions

Canada Ecommerce Hosting has partnered with AiWood Digital to offer AiCart. AiCart is a custom shopping cart designed to deliver a perfect and easy solution for your online store.

AiCart is a new and powerful shopping cart, providing you with the ability to manage (add, modify, delete) each page, products and images with an advanced text editor. In addition AiCart also includes features such as on page search engine optimization, a built in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and News system, the ability to add product brands, unlimited nested product categories, a comprehensive search feature and being able to add an image gallery for each product.

Please click here to view a demo of AiCart.


  • Product Manager:
    • Brand Manager
      • Allows you to add as many brand you like to be able to sort your products via brands.
    • Categories Manager
      • Unlimited Nested categories, giving you the ability to add categories within categories, as well as write a description for each category.

        You can add multiple images for each product added.
  • User Manager:
    • Customers
      • Lists all customers that register. Shows you their orders placed, payment information, etc.
    • Orders
      • Shows all orders placed through the shopping cart.
  • Shipping & Payment Manager:
    • Tax Manager
      • A fully functional tax manager giving you the ability to add taxes for each province added to the list. Features even include HST and commutative taxes like QST in Quebec.
    • Payment Config
      • Multiple payment options that give you the ability to active and deactivate the various modules, like Payal, Store Merchants (Credit Card processing, including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.), Offline Payment, etc. You may require an SSL Certificate for the Store Merchant to gain added security (additional charges will apply to this option).
    • Free Shipping Module
      • This module allows you to add free for orders over a certain amount.
  • Content Manager:
    • CMS
      • The content management system includes on-page search engine optimization tool, and an advanced html text editor, giving you the ability to professional create each page.
    • News System
    • Frequently Asked Questions System


  • Global Shipping Module - $100
    • This module allows you to override the standard shipping amount and set a standard amount for each product.
  • SSL Certificate - contact us for prices
  • Other upgrades - contact us


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